Approximation model building using genetic programming methodology: applications

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  author =       "Luis F. Alvarez and Vassili V. Toropov and 
                 David C. Hughes and Ashraf F. Ashour",
  title =        "Approximation model building using genetic programming
                 methodology: applications",
  booktitle =    "Second ISSMO/AIAA Internet Conference on
                 Approximations and Fast Reanalysis in Engineering
  year =         "2000",
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  abstract =     "Genetic Programming methodology is used for the
                 creation of approximation functions obtained by the
                 response surface methodology. Two important aspects of
                 the problems are addressed: the choice of the plan of
                 experiment and the model tuning using the least-squares
                 response surface fitting. Several examples show the
                 applications of the technique to problems where the
                 values of response functions are obtained either by
                 numerical simulation or laboratory experimentation.",
  notes =        "Multicriteria Optimization of the Manufacturing
                 Process for Roman Cement",

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