Automatic Test Program Generation for Pipelined Processors

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  abstract =     "The continuous advances in micro-electronics design
                 are creating a significant challenge to design
                 validation in general, but tackling pipelined
                 microprocessors is remarkably more demanding. This
                 paper presents a methodology to automatically induce a
                 test program for a microprocessor maximising a given
                 verification metric. The approach exploits a new
                 evolutionary algorithm, close to Genetic Programming,
                 able to cultivate effective assembly language programs.
                 The proposed methodology was used to verify the
                 DLX/pII, an open-source processor with a 5-stage
                 pipeline. Code-coverage was adopted in the paper, since
                 it can be considered the required starting point for
                 any simulation-based functional verification processes.
                 Experimental results clearly show the effectiveness of
                 the approach.",

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