Robust Design and Reliability-based Design Optimization

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  title =        "Robust Design and Reliability-based Design
  author =       "Dirk Roos and Christian Bucher",
  howpublished = "NAFEMS Seminar: Optimization in Structural Mechanics",
  year =         "2005",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, keywords
                 stochastic optimisation, robust design,
                 reliability-based design optimisation, design for six
                 sigma, response surfaces, first order reliability
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  URL =          "",
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  abstract =     "A large number of problems in manufacturing processes,
                 production planning, finance and engineering design
                 require an understanding of potential sources of
                 variations and quantification of the effect of
                 variations on product behaviour and performance.
                 Traditionally, in engineering problems uncertainties
                 have been formulated only through coarse safety
                 factors. Such methods often lead to over designed
                 products. Furthermore, the deterministic optimisation
                 algorithms tend to push an optimised design towards the
                 boundaries of the design space. This paper reviews
                 theories and methodologies that have been developed to
                 solve optimisation problems under uncertainties. In the
                 first part the paper gives an overview over the state
                 of the art in stochastic optimisation methods such as
                 robust design and reliability-based design
                 optimisation. In addition, global response surface
                 techniques as well as genetic programming in
                 combination with first order reliability methods in
                 reliability-based optimisation are discussed. Two
                 numerical examples from structural analysis under
                 static and dynamic loading conditions show the
                 applicability of these concepts. The probabilistic and
                 structural analysis tasks are performed with ANSYS
                 DesignXplorer and OptiSLang software packages.",
  notes =        "NAFEMS2005 April 27 - 28, 2005, Wiesbaden, Germany,
                 not found.

                 1 CADFEM - Gesellschaft fuer computerunterstuetzte
                 Konstruktion und Berechnung mbH, Grafing (Munich),
                 Germany 2 DYNARDO - Dynamic Software and Engineering
                 GmbH, Weimar, Germany 3 Institute of Structural
                 Mechanics, Bauhaus - University, Weimar, Germany",

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