Introduction to RIMEP2: A Multi-Expression Programming System for the Design of Reversible Digital Circuits

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  author =       "Fatima Hadjam and Claudio Moraga",
  title =        "Introduction to {RIMEP2}: {A} Multi-Expression
                 Programming System for the Design of Reversible Digital
  note =         "Comment: 17 text pages, 8 Figures, Research Report,
                 Contact author:",
  year =         "2014",
  month =        nov # "~24",
  abstract =     "Quantum computers are considered as a future
                 alternative to circumvent the heat dissipation problem
                 of VLSI circuits. The synthesis of reversible circuits
                 is a very promising area of study considering the
                 expected further technological advances towards quantum
                 computing. In this report, we propose a linear genetic
                 programming system to design reversible circuits
                 -RIMEP2-. The system has evolved reversible circuits
                 starting from scratch without resorting to a
                 pre-existing library. The results show that among the
                 26 considered benchmarks, RIMEP2 outperformed the best
                 published solutions for 20 of them and matched the
                 remaining 6. RIMEP2 is presented in this report as a
                 promising method with a considerable potential for
                 reversible circuit design. It will be considered as
                 work reference for future studies based on this
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
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