Combining Evolutionary, Connectionist, and Fuzzy Classification Algorithms for Shape Amalysis

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  author =       "Paul L. Rosin and Henry O. Nyongesa",
  title =        "Combining Evolutionary, Connectionist, and Fuzzy
                 Classification Algorithms for Shape Amalysis",
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  abstract =     "the classification of a difficult data set containing
                 large intra-class variability but low inter-class
                 variability. Standard classifiers are weak and fail to
                 achieve satisfactory results however, it is proposed
                 that a combination of such weak classifiers can improve
                 overall performance. The paper also introduces a novel
                 evolutionary approach to fuzzy rule generation for
                 classification problems.",
  notes =        "{"}...fuzzy classification rules of arbitrary size and
                 structure can be generated using genetic programming{"}
                 page90. Voting Schemes, confusion matrix. Seed shapes:
                 130 examples each with 17 continuous attributes from 9
                 species. {"} significant differences between the
                 individual techniques on our classification problem.
                 However, we have shown improvements can be achieved
                 through different combinations of these

                 EvoWorkshops 2000: EvoIASP, EvoSCONDI, EvoTel, EvoSTIM,
                 EvoRob, and EvoFlight, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, April
                 17, 2000


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