Der genetische Algorithmus: Eine Implementierung in Prolog

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  author =       "D. Dickmanns and J. Schmidhuber and A. Winklhofer",
  title =        "Der genetische Algorithmus: Eine Implementierung in
  institution =  "Institut f{\"{u}}r Informatik, Technische
                 Universit{\"{a}}t M{\"{a}}nchen",
  year =         "1987",
  type =         "Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  notes =        "Scanned version on line 24 Feb 2003. It states:

                 As an undergrad Jurgen Schmidhuber used Genetic
                 Algorithms to evolve computer programs with loops etc.
                 on a Symbolics LISP machine at SIEMENS AG. He
                 re-implemented the system in PROLOG at TUM. In 1987 he
                 published this work together with Dirk Dickmanns and
                 Andreas Winklhofer (authors in alphabetical order).
                 This became world's 2nd paper on {"}Genetic
                 Programming.{"} In german. Lehrstuhl Prof. Radig, 1987.
                 see also \cite{schmidhuber:1986:prolog}",
  size =         "21 pages",

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