Artificial evolution for computer graphics

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  booktitle =    "SIGGRAPH '91: Proceedings of the 18th annual
                 conference on Computer graphics and interactive
  author =       "Karl Sims",
  title =        "Artificial evolution for computer graphics",
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  journal =      "ACM Computer Graphics",
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  DOI =          "doi:10.1145/122718.122752",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  abstract =     "evolutionary techniques of variation and selection can
                 be used to create complex simulated structures,
                 textures, and motions for use in computer graphics and
                 animation. Interactive selection, based on visual
                 perception of procedurally generated results, allows
                 the user to direct simulated evolutions in preferred
                 directions. Several examples using these methods have
                 been implemented and are described. 3D plant structures
                 are grown using fixed sets of genetic parameters.
                 Images, solid textures, and animations are created
                 using mutating symbolic lisp expressions. Genotypes
                 consisting of symbolic expressions are presented as an
                 attempt to surpass the limitations of fixed-length
                 genotypes with predefined expression rules. It is
                 proposed that artificial evolution has potential as a
                 powerful tool for achieving flexible complexity with a
                 minimum of user input and knowledge of details.",
  notes =        "conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada; 28 July - 2
                 August 1991.

                 see also \cite{Sims91} Evolving 3Dee Plant Structures.
                 Discusses using fixed GA chromosome then goes to using
                 s-expressions. 7 Types of mutation. Technique used to
                 create \cite{sims:panspermia}",

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