Phase compensating dielectric lens design with genetic programming: Research Articles

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  author =       "Lei Sun and Evor L. Hines and Roger J. Green and 
                 Mark S. Leeson and D. Daciana Iliescu",
  title =        "Phase compensating dielectric lens design with genetic
                 programming: Research Articles",
  journal =      "International Journal of RF and Microwave
                 Computer-Aided Engineering",
  volume =       "17",
  number =       "5",
  year =         "2007",
  pages =        "493--504",
  publisher =    "John Wiley and Sons Ltd.",
  address =      "Chichester, UK, UK",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Fresnel lens,
                 Fermat's principle, HFSS",
  ISSN =         "1096-4290",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1002/mmce.20244",
  abstract =     "This article illustrates a microwave dielectric lens
                 design using genetic programming (GP), which, to the
                 best knowledge of the authors, is the first time GP has
                 been applied to design a microwave dielectric lens. A
                 phase-compensating single layer lens and a quarter-wave
                 phase-compensating multilayer dielectric lens, which
                 uses four types of materials and a zoned structure, was
                 designed using GP. The dielectric lens shape was
                 designed using GP strategy, with a random initial
                 shape, to compensate for the phase error of the
                 multilayer dielectric lens and to achieve the required
                 performance. Standard GP (SGP) and hierarchical fair
                 competition genetic programming (HFC-GP) was applied to
                 obtain the solution. The results show that this novel
                 method of microwave lens shape design using GP is both
                 accurate and stable. In addition, the simulation
                 results of using high frequency simulation software
                 (HFSS) are illustrated and compared.",
  notes =        "also known as \cite{1285546}",

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