Parallel Case Evaluation for Genetic Programming

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                 From GP-list Wed, 21 Jun 95 18:00:35 EDT

                 deals primarily with data-parallel GP, but mentions
                 some work I did on time-series prediction. I applied GP
                 to the credit card attrition problem -- predicting when
                 a cardholder is going to drop one card in favor of

                 The book should be on shelves by July 1995.

                 From GP-list Thu, 18 Jun 1998 20:29:58 EDT

                 I wrote what is probably the first massively parallel
                 version of GP. It is in *Lisp for the CM-5. It uses
                 SIMD parallelism in the eval step, and is probably only
                 useful for functions where you have a large number of
                 test cases that you can distribute across the
                 processors (for example: data mining and time-series


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