Investigations of Different Seeding Strategies in a Genetic Planner

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                 crossover, linear representation, plan, artificial
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  ISBN =         "3-540-41920-9",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
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  abstract =     "Planning is a difficult and fundamental problem of AI.
                 An alternative solution to traditional planning
                 techniques is to apply Genetic Programming. As a
                 program is similar to a plan a Genetic Planner can be
                 constructed that evolves plans to the plan solution.
                 One of the stages of the Genetic Programming algorithm
                 is the initial population seeding stage. We present
                 five alternatives to simple random selection based on
                 simple search. We found that some of these strategies
                 did improve the initial population, and the efficiency
                 of the Genetic Planner over simple random selection of
  notes =        "EvoWorkshops2001. Fitness by simulation",

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