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  1. A Genetic Programming Tutorial
  2. An automated FX trading system using adaptive reinforcement learning
  3. Genetic Programming with Wavelet-Based Indicators for Financial Forecasting
  4. A SIMD Interpreter for Genetic Programming on GPU Graphics Cards
  5. A real-time adaptive trading system using genetic programming
  6. A field guide to genetic programming
  7. Computational learning techniques for intraday FX trading using popular technical indicators
  8. Intraday FX Trading: An Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning Approach
  9. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines: ten years of reviews
  10. Genetic Programming Software to Forecast Time Series
  11. The Profitability of Intra-Day FX Trading Using Technical Indicators
  12. Evolutionary reinforcement learning in FX order book and order flow analysis
  13. Rule Induction in Forensic Science
  14. BEAGLE A Darwinian Approach to Pattern Recognition
  15. Data Mining using Genetic Programming: Classification and Symbolic Regression
  16. GPTIPS User Guide (genetic programming \& symbolic regression for MATLAB)
  17. lilgp 1.01 User's Manual
  18. Solving the Graph Coloring Problem using Genetic Programming
  19. Survey of genetic algorithms and genetic programming
  20. Adaptive systems for foreign exchange trading
  21. Adaptive systems for foreign exchange trading
  22. GP-Robocode: Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Robocode Players
  23. Stock Market Prediction Using Multi Expression Programming
  24. Genetic Programming in C++: Implementation Issues
  25. Data Structures and Genetic Programming
  26. Discovery of Optical Character Recognition Algorithms using Genetic Programming
  27. Genetic Programming
  28. Regular expression generation through grammatical evolution
  29. PolyGP: A Polymorphic Genetic Programming System in Haskell
  30. Stock Portfolio Evaluation: An Application of Genetic-Programming-Based Technical Analysis
  31. Evolutionary unit testing of object-oriented software using strongly-typed genetic programming
  32. Genetic Programming and Spatial Morphogenesis
  33. Using Linear Genetic Programming to Develop a C/C++ Simulation Model of a Waste Incinerator
  34. Fast genetic programming on GPUs
  35. Theory and Practice for Efficient Genetic Programming
  36. What's AI done for me lately? Genetic programming's human-competitive results
  37. A Flexible Representation for Genetic Programming from Natural Language Processing
  38. Evolving genetic algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling problems
  39. Soft Computing-Based Result Prediction of Football Games
  40. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines: Five years of Reviews
  41. Genetic Recursive Regression for Modeling and Forecasting Real-World Chaotic Time Series
  42. Programming CNC measuring machines by genetic algorithms
  43. Issues in Scaling Genetic Programming: Breeding Strategies, Tree Generation, and Code Bloat
  44. Designing safe, profitable automated stock trading agents using evolutionary algorithms
  45. An introduction to cultural algorithms
  46. Backward-chaining Evolutionary Algorithms
  47. Learning tactical human behavior through observation of human performance
  48. Live Trading with Grammatical Evolution
  49. Repeated Patterns in Genetic Programming
  50. Evolving a Vision-Based Line-Following Robot Controller
  51. Functional genetic programming with combinators
  52. A CUDA SIMT Interpreter for Genetic Programming
  53. Evolving Problems to Learn about Particle Swarm Optimisers and other Search Algorithms
  54. GenProg: A Generic Method for Automatic Software Repair
  55. Pareto front genetic programming parameter selection based on design of experiments and industrial data
  56. Computationally intelligent agents in economics and Finance
  57. Prefix Gene Expression Programming
  58. Bagging, Boosting, and Bloating in Genetic Programming
  59. Genetic Algorithm applied in Clustering Datasets
  60. A validation of the component-based method for software size estimation
  61. A representation for the Adaptive Generation of Simple Sequential Programs
  62. Wavelets in Multi-step-ahead forecasting
  63. Comparison of Discipulus Linear Genetic Programming Software with Support Vector Machines, Classification Trees, Neural Networks and Human Experts
  64. Automatic Verilog Code Generation through Grammatical Evolution
  65. Image Restoration using Machine Learning
  66. Homologous Crossover in Genetic Programming
  67. Evolving hash functions by means of genetic programming
  68. GECCO 2002: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
  69. Computational Forecasting of Two Exchange Rates
  70. Hierarchical genetic algorithms operating on populations of computer programs
  71. Why Ants are Hard
  72. Adaptive systems for foreign exchange trading
  73. Improving Symbolic Regression with Interval Arithmetic and Linear Scaling
  74. Human-competitive results produced by genetic programming
  75. Development of a Minimal Information Line Following Algorithm using Genetic Programming
  76. Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Strategies for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
  77. Discovering interesting classification rules with genetic programming
  78. Application of Genetic Programming to the ``Snake Game''
  79. Genetic Programming, Validation Sets, and Parsimony Pressure
  80. Differential evolution - an easy and efficient evolutionary algorithm for model optimisation
  81. Prediction of steel machinability by genetic programming
  82. Enhancing Financial Decision Making Using Multi-Objective Financial Genetic Programming
  83. Neural Network Synthesis using Cellular Encoding and the Genetic Algorithm
  84. Metabolomics by numbers: acquiring and understanding global metabolite data
  85. Optimising Existing Software with Genetic Programming
  86. Evaluation of chess position by modular neural network generated by genetic algorithm
  87. Automatic Definition of Modular Neural Networks
  88. Preventing overfitting in GP with canary functions
  89. Clustering by Compression
  90. Evolutionary Unit Testing Of Object-Oriented Software Using A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
  91. An Eigen Analysis of the GP Community
  92. Volatility forecasting using time series data mining and evolutionary computation techniques
  93. Genetically controlled random search: a global optimization method for continuous multidimensional functions
  94. Computing Machinery and Intelligence
  95. Optimizing scale factors of the PolyJet rapid prototyping procedure by genetic programming
  96. Alternative evolutionary algorithms for evolving programs: evolution strategies and steady state GP
  97. A Many Threaded CUDA Interpreter for Genetic Programming
  98. Extending Grammatical Evolution to Evolve Digital Surfaces with Genr8
  99. EDDIE-Automation, a decision support tool for financial forecasting
  100. Solving the artificial ant on the Santa Fe trail problem in 20,696 fitness evaluations

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