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SoCS's security academics on the investigation into security flaws in smart products

The School of Computer Science's Prof Flavio Garcia, Prof Mark Ryan and Dr Tom Chothia have recently been featured in The Chronicle, in an article detailing the work that they have been undertaking into stress-testing smart technologies that are used in every day life.

UoB staff develop software to automate the process of making legacy enterprise applications ready for cloud

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have developed software that automates the process of making legacy enterprise applications ready for the cloud. At present, many large corporations use legacy enterprise applications that are migrated to the cloud as single blocks of unchanged software.

New technology to detect rheumatoid arthritis

SOCS's Professor Hamid Dehghani has been featured in the media recently, sharing information on innovative technology the group that he heads up have created to detect rheumatoid arthritis using infrared light.

Interoperability is the solution to the Huawei dilemma

SoCS's Professor Mark Ryan has commented on the recent Huawei situation for 'the birmingham brief'.

School Events

Unconditional places

Congratulations to all those that received their results and are holding unconditional places with us on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses!

Postgraduate Open Day

Our next Postgraduate Open Day will take place on Saturday 23rd November 2019.

Undergraduate Open Days

The University will be hosting it's next Undergraduate Open Days on Saturday 14th September and Saturday 19th October 2019.

Computing at Schools Conference 2018

The School of Computer Science once again played host to the 10th Computing at Schools annual Conference in June 2018. Following on from previous successful conferences, we welcomed over 250 teachers (from both primary and secondary level) who were looking to update both their subject knowledge and approach to teaching computing in their schools.