School of Computer Science

MSc Scholarships in Computer Science

Both the University and the School of Computer Science offer scholarships annually for MSc applicants wishing to study for a Masters degree in a Computer Science subject. Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved, or expect to achieve, excellent academic results, and are available for all Computer Science Masters programmes

UK/EU Student MSc Scholarships

Paul and Yuanbi Ramsay MSc Bursary

We have two MSc bursaries per annum, valued at the full UK yearly tuition fee rate for the one-year MSc programmes in the School of Computer Science available to UK/EU applicants, generously funded by the Ramsays.

Successful recipients will have the funds transferred directly to their tuition fee account. For avoidance of doubt, no cash payment can be made.

Applicants must be from the UK or European Union and selection of successful candidates will be based primarily upon financial need and secondarily upon academic merit. The recipient is requested to write a note of thanks to Dr and Mrs Ramsay at the end of the first term of the academic session. Other interaction with Dr and Mrs Ramsay throughout the year is welcome.

Applications will open shortly for 2020 entry.

Central University Funding

The University operates a funding database that details a variety of scholarship opportunities that you may be able to apply for. Simply enter your specific details into the criteria filter to view those those that you are eligible for.