Intelligent Robotics


These are the course webpages for the third/fourth year Intelligent Robotics module which runs in the first semester. This website contains course information, notes on using ROS and the Pioneer robots, and all the exercises for the module.

Importing into Netbeans

The supplied robotics project unfortunately doesn't work with Netbeans (it's fine with Eclipse, however, if you prefer to use that).

To get up and running for exercise 1 and all the subsequent exercises, delete the entire workspace directory from the laptop and delete any projects already imported into Netbeans, then download and unpack this archive in your home directory to re-create the workspace. You should then be able to import the entire workspace as an Eclipse project into Netbeans.

Before you can import org.ros.message.* packages in your Java source, you will have to type rosmake robotics in a terminal. You should hopefully then be good to go!