School of Computer Science

Research Committee Application Forms

Conference and Travel Awards

Staff members and students can apply for funding from the Research Committee to attend conferences and workshops. Funding for conference registration, accommodation and travel is available. Full or partial funding may be awarded.

The Research Committee seeks to encourage lecturers and professors to apply for research grants externally, and will therefore favour applicants who have applied for more than 20,000 in the last 24 months. The number of journal publications produced in this time will also be considered.

The committee will also favour student applicants who have given cake talks and/or seminars in the last 12 months.

Applications for large amounts (> 1000) should normally be made firstly to external bodies (eg. EPSRC, Royal society, Royal Academy of Engineering). The Research Committee is willing to consider applications for insurance in such cases ie. the Research Committee would provide funding if the external application is unsuccessful.

Measures taken by applicants to minimise the costs by booking cheap flights and accommodation, and paying early registration conference fees etc. will be taken into account.

If a paper is to be presented a link to it should be supplied on the application form.

To apply please complete the on-line application form with full details.