School of Computer Science

Module 06-23645 (2010)

Research Seminar

Level 4/M

Rami Bahsoon Semester 2 10 credits
Co-ordinator: Rami Bahsoon
Reviewer: John Barnden

The Module Description is a strict subset of this Syllabus Page.


The aims of this module are to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to study current research in depth
  • Train students in research and presentation skills
  • Expose students to a variety of advanced research topics in Computer Science

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • appreciate advances in state-of-art and -practice in a specific area of Computer Science
  • make effective oral and written presentations to colleagues
  • Understand and be able to discuss current research in a variety of topics in Computer Science

Teaching methods

Orientation sessions, supervisions and student presentations.1. A list of papers is specified by each lecturer relevant to the theme (typically after receiving expressions of interest from the students).2. Each student prepares a short report and delivers a seminar on the subject of one of the papers.3. The students read each paper in their own time. The presentation should introduce the material to the other students, however their primary understanding of the work should come from reading the papers.4. Each week the module provider will set some written questions on the papers presented.


  • Sessional: 100% continuous assessment (consisting of 50% weekly exercises, 30% presentation, 20% report)
  • Supplementary: 100% continuous assessment (consisting of 50% presentation and 50% report, done over the summer)

Detailed Syllabus

The list of reseach papers will vary from year to year, and will be updated to include new cutting edge research. Students can propose their own topics (for approval by module provider).