School of Computer Science

Module 19321 (2011)

Module description - Software System Components 2

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Module Title Software System Components 2
School School of Computer Science
Module Code 06-19321
Level 2/I
Member of Staff Robert Hendley Madasar Shah
Semester Semester 2 - 20 credits

3 hrs/week lectures/tutorials, 2-3 hrs/week labs.


On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • use Entity-Relationship diagrams to construct and explain conceptual models of databases, and then design tables for a relational database
  • write and explain SQL queries for a relational database
  • query and update a relational database from Java
  • explain the servlet model and structure, including the servlet lifecycle and application/session/request/page scope
  • configure, install and use servlet based web applications, implementing correct servlet request and response code, including html form processing, session handling, database connectivity and security
  • explain and evaluate web application architecture and technologies
  • explain the concepts and issues of threads and synchronisation, including thread pools
  • implement, debug and test multithreaded programs with appropriate synchronisation, in a variety of contexts such as Swing, collection classes and network I/O mechanisms
  • explain and implement socket based communication
  • implement programmatic email sending
  • explain and use object serialisation and use RPC to interact with remote objects
  • Sessional: 2 hour examination (80%), continuous assessment (20%).
  • Supplementary: By examination only.
Concurrency: State Models & Java Programs Jeff Magee and Jeff Kramer Wiley
Core JAVA 2 Volume 1 - Fundamentals (7th Ed) Cay Horstmann & Gary Cornell Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall
Core JAVA 2 Volume II - Advanced Features Cay S. Horstmann; Gary Cornell Prentice Hall
Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (Enterprise Edition S.) Marty Hall, Larry Brown (Eds) Prentice Hall PTR
Java Threads (3rd Ed) Scott Oaks and Henry Wong O'Reilly