School of Computer Science

Module 22133 (2011)

Module description - Human Computer Interaction

The Module Description is a strict subset of the Syllabus Page.

Module Title Human Computer Interaction
School School of Computer Science
Module Code 06-22133
Level 3/H
Member of Staff Russell Beale
Semester Semester 1 - 10 credits

2-3 hrs lectures/tutorials per week, 3-5 hrs guided study


On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • describe and explain appropriate techniques for determining user requirements from an HCI perspective
  • design and evaluate a computer-based system which meets such user requirements
  • assess and explain the impact of computer technology on people and society through appropriate examples
  • explain, discuss and apply the underlying principles in HCI, including psychological and technical aspects
  • participate in a user-centred design process
  • Sessional: Continuous assessment (100%).
  • Supplementary: Repeat only.