School of Computer Science

Module 28201 (2019)

Module description - Computer-Aided Verification

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Module Title Computer-Aided Verification
School School of Computer Science
Module Code 06-28201
Level 3/H
Member of Staff Vincent Rahli
Semester Semester 2 - 10 credits

2 hr/week lectures, 1 hr/week tutorial

Contact Hours:



The module introduces techniques and tools for automatically verifying that computer systems behave as intended, in terms of correctness and reliability. The module covers: reactive systems and their models; temporal logic; model checking and algorithms; quantitative model checking; the state explosion problem and approaches to addressing it; examples of systems (e.g., concurrent programs, communication protocols, embedded systems). The module will cover both the theory and algorithms underlying these verification techniques and give a practical introduction to using verification tools.


On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  1. use appropriate tools to verify, analyse and debug small-scale systems
  2. understand and explain the principles and algorithms behind those tools
  3. explain the application of the tools to the examples introduced
  4. appreciate the limitations of current techniques and tools, such as the state explosion problem, and current efforts to overcome them

Sessional: 1.5 hr Examination (80%) Continuous Assessment (20%)

Supplementary (where allowed): 1.5 hr examination only