School of Computer Science

Module 06-34253 (2020)

Functional Programming

Level 2/I

Martin Escardo Benedikt Ahrens Mian Muhammad Hamayun Semester 1 20 credits
Co-ordinator: Benedikt Ahrens
Reviewer: Martin Escardo

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This module builds on the Logic and Computation module, developing practical programming skills in a typed functional programming language. It will strengthen the algorithmic and design skills of the students within the functional framework, and will introduce them to some advanced programming language features.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • Present the basic ideas of functional programming languages
  • Demonstrate the main elements of good functional programming style.
  • Illustrate some of the uses and applications of functional programming.
  • Introduce more advanced features of typed functional programming.


  • Main Assessments: Continuous assessment (100%)
  • Supplementary Assessments: Continuous assessment (100%) over the Summer period

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