School of Computer Science

Module 06-34240 (2022)

Secure Software and Hardware Systems

Level 4/M

Ian Batten David Oswald Andreea Radu Semester 2 20 credits
Co-ordinator: Ian Batten
Reviewer: Tom Chothia

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This module covers the principles of software and hardware security. Classic design principles for the protection of information in computer systems are introduced. Some of the most important vulnerabilities in current software and hardware systems and the corresponding attacks will be reviewed, and tools and techniques for analysing and defending against them will be studied.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  • Explain and apply the fundamental principles and mechanisms of software and hardware security
  • Identify the main security defects and threats in current software and hardware systems
  • Perform basic implementation attacks on software and hardware systems
  • Understand and implement countermeasures against the introduced attacks
  • Use a range of tools for analysing the security of software and hardware


  • Main Assessments: 1.5 hour examination (50%) and continuous assessment (50%)
  • Supplementary Assessments: 1.5 hour examination (100%)

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