School of Computer Science

MSc Intelligent Systems Engineering - 2010

Final Award MSc
Interim Award PGCert/PGDip
Programme TitleIntelligent Systems Engineering
School/DepartmentSchool of Computer Science
Banner Code6729
Length of Programme1 years
Total Credits180
UCAS CodeNone
Awarding InstitutionThe University of Birmingham
QAA Benchmarking GroupsComputing

Educational Aims Of Programme

  • Allow students to obtain knowledge and expertise to evaluate, design and build intelligent systems, including those that benefit from the application of intelligent techniques within the field of systems engineering.
  • Provide exposure to and experience with technologies and standards for such systems.
  • Provide a solid foundation for graduates to pursue a career in consultancy or research and development in intelligent systems engineering.

Programme Outcomes and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Knowledge and Understanding

  • The essential facts, concepts, principles and theories relating to intelligent systems.
  • Appropriate theory, practices and tools for the design, implementation and evaluation of intelligent systems.

Skills & Other Attributes

  • The ability to apply the knowledge and understanding noted above to the analysis of a given intelligent systems or systems engineering problem.
  • The ability to specify, design and construct intelligent systems, using appropriate tools, and to document all stages of this process.
  • The ability to evaluate an intelligent systems in relation to a given problem.

Transferable Skills


  • It is not intended to admit students to PGCert and PGDip programmes, although these qualifications will be available to students who have met the minimum requirements given in University Regulations. Outcome B4 does not apply to students awarded a PGCert or PGDip without completion of the MSc project.