School of Computer Science

MSc Advanced Computer Science - 2011

Final Award MSc
Interim Award PGDip
Programme TitleAdvanced Computer Science
School/DepartmentSchool of Computer Science
Banner Code0014
Length of Programme1 years
Total Credits180
UCAS CodeNone
Awarding InstitutionThe University of Birmingham
QAA Benchmarking GroupsComputing

Educational Aims Of Programme

  • Allow students to broaden their knowledge of leading edge areas of computing through the choice of options from a range of taught modules.
  • Allow students to deepen their knowledge of selected areas of Computing by individual project work supervised by research-active members of staff and to develop appropriate research skills.
  • Provide a solid foundation for all graduates to pursue a career in the software industry [only for those completing the research-oriented MSc project:] with a particular focus on a research and development, or the pursuit of further studies (e.g. a PhD).

Programme Outcomes and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Knowledge and Understanding

  • The ideas and concepts underlying a selected set of advanced topics in Computing.
  • Appropriate techniques for analysing and building computer-based systems related to these advanced topics.

Skills & Other Attributes

  • The ability to carry out project work with limited supervision in some field of Computing appropriate to the selected topics [only for those completing the research-oriented MSc project:] where the project involves original research and development.

Transferable Skills

  • The ability to use appropriate methods for literature searching and information retrieval.
  • Presentation skills, both written and verbal, with particular application to research related topics.
  • The ability to apply a variety of research methods in advanced problem-solving.