School of Computer Science

MSc Robotics - 2012

Final Award MSc
Interim Award PGCert/PGDip
Programme TitleRobotics
School/DepartmentSchool of Computer Science
Banner Code9889
Length of Programme1 years
Total Credits180
UCAS CodeNone
Awarding InstitutionThe University of Birmingham
QAA Benchmarking GroupsComputing

Educational Aims Of Programme

  • To provide the specific engineering skills and knowledge of robotics necessary for a research or development career in robotics, either in industry or academia.
  • To provide the opportunity to carry out projects in intelligent and autonomous robotics, and thereby to acquire the generic research skills necessary to engage in future research or study.
  • To provide the student with knowledge of recent computational methods in a variety of areas of robotics, and the abilities to analyse them.
  • To provide the student with the experimental and analytical skills to evaluate the properties of algorithms in robotics.

Programme Outcomes and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Knowledge and Understanding

  • The main techniques for control, perception, reasoning and learning in robotics.
  • Methods for the analysis of robot behaviour and the performance of algorithms under A1 in real robots and in simulation.
  • Mathematical techniques necessary for the analysis of algorithms in A1.
  • Software frameworks for implementation of techniques in A1.
  • In depth knowledge of at least one area of robotics.

Skills & Other Attributes

  • The ability to implement techniques under A1 in a software framework for robot control.
  • Critical understanding of the scientific literature.
  • Experimental evaluate robot behaviour and the performance and properties of methods in A1.

Transferable Skills

  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Assimilation, evaluation, presentation and analysis of research results.


  • It is not intended to admit students to PGCert and PGDip programmes, although these qualifications will be available to students who have met the minimum requirements given in University Regulations.