School of Computer Science

MSc Advanced Computer Science - 2018

Final Award MSc
Programme TitleAdvanced Computer Science
School/DepartmentSchool of Computer Science
Banner Code0014
Length of Programme1 years
Total Credits180
UCAS CodeG401
Awarding InstitutionThe University of Birmingham
QAA Benchmarking GroupsComputing

Educational Aims Of Programme

  • Allow students to broaden their knowledge of leading edge areas of computing through the choice of options from a range of taught modules.
  • Allow students to deepen their knowledge of selected areas of Computing by individual project work supervised by research-active members of staff and to develop appropriate research skills.
  • Provide a solid foundation for all graduates to pursue a career in the software industry [only for those completing the research-oriented MSc project:] with a particular focus on a research and development, or the pursuit of further studies (e.g. a PhD).

Programme Outcomes and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Knowledge and Understanding

  • The ideas and concepts underlying a selected set of advanced topics in Computing.
  • Appropriate techniques for analysing and building computer-based systems related to these advanced topics.

Skills & Other Attributes

  • The ability to carry out project work with limited supervision in some field of Computing appropriate to the selected topics [only for those completing the research-oriented MSc project:] where the project involves original research and development.

Transferable Skills

  • The ability to use appropriate methods for literature searching and information retrieval. Lectures and project work
  • Presentation skills, both written and verbal, with particular application to research related topics.
  • The ability to apply a variety of research methods in advanced problem-solving.


  • Optional Modules: Not all options may be available in any particular year. Some option combinations are only available if the timetable permits. As students may have to make preliminary option choices before timetables are available, changes may be needed later if there are clashes. In selecting options, students need to pay attention to pre- and co-requisites.
  • Mini-Project: Students who want to do a mini-project (module 07954) and/or take the Project - Advanced MSc (module 02637) must take the Research Skills module (module 06991) and give a presentation on their research plan, which must be approved.
  • Programme Approval: Students' individual programmes of study must be approved by the Programme Director (as the nominee of the Head of School).
  • Project: Project topics must be approved by the Programme Director as being appropriate to the Aims and Learning Outcomes of the programme.
  • Project: Students must pass the Research Skills module (06991) and the mini-project module (07954) before being allowed to proceed to Project - Advanced MSc (06-02637).