School of Computer Science

MSc Robotics [9889]

Compulsory Modules to a total of 120 credits

Code Title Autumn Spring Summer
06-25021 Advanced Robotics - 20 -
06-15267 Intelligent Robotics (Extended) 20 - -
06-25097 Project - MSc Robotics - - 60
06-25024 Robot Vision - 20 -

Optional Modules to a total of 60 credits

Code Title Autumn Spring Summer
06-32235 Advanced Aspects of Nature-Inspired Search and Optimisation - 20 -
06-28206 Computer-Aided Verification (Extended) - 10 -
06-32230 Distributed and Parallel Computing (Extended) 20 - -
06-20233 Intelligent Data Analysis (Extended) - 10 -
06-20236 Machine Learning (Extended) 10 - -
06-32212 Neural Computation (Extended) 20 - -
06-06991 Research Skills 10 - -
06-07954 Second semester mini-project - 30 -

Programme Notes:

  • Alternative Qualifications: Please refer to the Code of Practice on Taught Programme and Module Assessment to find further information on the award of alternative qualifications or speak to the Teaching Support Office.
  • Optional Modules: Not all options may be available in any particular year. Some option combinations are only available if the timetable permits. As students may have to make preliminary option choices before timetables are available, changes may be needed later if there are clashes. In selecting options, students need to pay attention to pre- and co-requisites.
  • Project: Project topics must be approved by the Programme Director as being appropriate to the Aims and Learning Outcomes of the programme.
  • Programme Requirements: 06-15267 Intelligent Robotics (Extended) is compulsory for students who have not previously taken Intelligent Robotics 06-13520. Students who have taken 06-13520 will take a combination of options and one mini-project up to the full credit requirement.
  • Students who wish to choose Second Semester Mini-Project will need to have a supervisor in place otherwise you will be required to change modules in December.