School of Computer Science

MSc Robotics - 2020

Final Award MSc
Interim Award PGCert/PGDip
Programme TitleRobotics
School/DepartmentSchool of Computer Science
Banner Code9889
Length of Programme1 years
Total Credits180
UCAS CodeNone
Awarding InstitutionThe University of Birmingham
QAA Benchmarking GroupsComputing

Educational Aims Of Programme

  • To provide the specific engineering skills and knowledge of robotics necessary for a research or development career in robotics, either in industry or academia.
  • To provide the opportunity to carry out projects in intelligent and autonomous robotics, and thereby to acquire the generic research skills necessary to engage in future research or study.
  • To provide the student with knowledge of recent computational methods in a variety of areas of robotics, and the abilities to analyse them.
  • To provide the student with the experimental and analytical skills to evaluate the properties of algorithms in robotics.

Programme Outcomes and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Knowledge and Understanding

  • The main techniques for control, perception, reasoning and learning in robotics.
  • Methods for the analysis of robot behaviour and the performance of algorithms under A1 in real robots and in simulation.
  • Mathematical techniques necessary for the analysis of algorithms in A1.
  • Software frameworks for implementation of techniques in A1.
  • In depth knowledge of at least one area of robotics.

Skills & Other Attributes

  • The ability to implement techniques under A1 in a software framework for robot control.
  • Critical understanding of the scientific literature.
  • Experimental evaluate robot behaviour and the performance and properties of methods in A1.

Transferable Skills

  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Assimilation, evaluation, presentation and analysis of research results.


  • Optional Modules: Not all options may be available in any particular year. Some option combinations are only available if the timetable permits. As students may have to make preliminary option choices before timetables are available, changes may be needed later if there are clashes. In selecting options, students need to pay attention to pre- and co-requisites.
  • Project: Project topics must be approved by the Programme Director as being appropriate to the Aims and Learning Outcomes of the programme.