School of Computer Science

Problems impeding your research

Sometimes your work may be impeded for reasons beyond your own control. If this is happening to you, it is important to seek out the people who might be able to help you. If possible, discuss it with your supervisor and maybe your Thesis Group members (particularly your RSMG rep).

Sometimes it cannot be sorted out at that level, for instance if you have a major illness or if relationships between you and your supervisor (or Thesis Group members) look like breaking down. Then you should certainly discuss the matter with the Research Students Tutor (for academic issues) or the welfare team (for welfare issues).

The Research Students Tutor will have to be involved if you need a leave of absence, or an extension (see also the School's page on Attendance and absences), or if you need to change your supervisor or Thesis Group.

If you feel the Research Students Tutor does not or cannot give a satisfactory response, you can take the matter to the Head of School. By this stage you may also be wondering about how to make a complaint.

Remember that any discussion between you and members of staff on welfare issues can be kept confidential if you wish. The general rule is that if you disclose confidential details to a member of staff, they may make their own assessment of the impact on your studies, and report that assessment to others, but they will not pass on the confidential details.