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  • Monthly supervision records - GRS2 (old form only to be used when requested to by PGR Administrator): pdf | doc
  • Development needs analysis (DNA): pdf | doc
  • Old version of DNA form, if you prefer (GRS1A): pdf | doc
  • RSMG1 : pdf | doc
  • RSMG forms : pdf | doc

The Graduate School

The University Graduate School works on behalf of research students at the University to ensure the best possible research and educational environment.

The Research Student Administration (RSA) team, part of the University Graduate School, are responsible for maintaining the central University records for all research students, requests for leaves of absence and extensions through to the submission and examination of your thesis. They maintain online administrative information relating to research students. Contact them here.

Codes of Practice etc.

University regulations, codes of practice etc. can be found through the Research Student Administration web page.

Here are some of the most important.

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