Staff Handbook: 3.2.3 Annual Review Procedures

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1. Introduction

In the 2009/10 academic session, a new University-wide system for annual review was introduced. All programmes and modules are reviewed annually. This is an opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of the School's teaching portfolio, with a view to the continual enhancement of provision for students.

The data to be used for annual module and programme review is as follows:

Item Description
Statistical datasets The statistical datasets provide data from on a number of key indicators for for the School (e.g. first year retention and completion rates, classification of degrees and employability) and data regarding entrants from the current academic session. The key elements are reproduced by the Planning Office in the School summary and programme review forms. In addition, the Planning Office provides further analysis by category of students via Tableau reports. These reports show summary level data for the University and Colleges that can be drilled down to individual programme level data. Comparisons are made at any of these levels to the University averages and are traffic lighted accordingly.
Progression matrices for individual programmes These will be published on the University intranet from June each year.
Module marks database These will be published on the University intranet from June each year, comprising several years' worth of data on module pass rates, mark ranges and averages, plus diversity measures.
External Examiner feedback Information from External Examiners from oral reports delivered at Board of Examiners' meetings, and the annual report form template which must be completed by all External Examiners.
Student feedback Information gathered through module evaluation questionnaires, the Staff Student Consultative Committee (including the annual SSC report) and both internal and external student surveys (e.g. National Student Survey, Internal Student Satisfaction Survey and Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey).

2. Module review

Module review is the first stage of the annual review process. Module leaders complete the annual module review form in June each year. A form has to be completed for each module that has been offered in the academic year. The forms will be distributed by the QA Secretary. They should be completed using a word processor and submitted electronically.

Module review forms should provide a high-level overview of the module's performance, taking into account the following inputs:

  • reflections on any actions taken as result of the previous module review
  • student numbers, noting in particular any significant changes in comparison to previous years
  • module performance (statistical data on module performance)
  • student feedback (module questionnaires and other methods of student input)
  • External Examiner feedback (at this stage, mainly oral feedback given at the Exam Board meetings)
  • general reflections by the module leader on the module's performance and any planned changes or enhancements

The Module leader should complete a summary action list with details of any proposed actions resulting from the review. For each action, the Module leader should specify a deadline alongside a named academic lead responsible for ensuring the action is completed.

The completed forms will be stored in electronic format at School and College level.

3. Programme review/School summary

Programme review is the second stage of the annual review process. Programmes are grouped into clusters. There is currently one clusters for all UG programmes (including the Year in Computer Science), and one cluster for all PGT programmes. The Director of Undergraduate Studies completes the UG combined programme review/School summary form, and the Director of Postgraduate Studies completes the PGT combined programme review/School summary form. The deadline for completing the programme review forms is the end of October (UG programmes) and mid-January (PGT programmes) respectively.

The following inputs should be taken into account:

  • module review forms
  • External Examiners' written and/or oral reports
  • statistical data provided by the Planning Office
  • SSCC annual reports and other student feedback

The finalised programme review forms should be sent to the School Head of QAE.

Further guidance can be found on the Academic Quality Unit website.