School of Computer Science

Information for Students

Welcome to the School of Computer Science Student Handbook.

This handbook is intended to provide you with some basic information about the School of Computer Science, about teaching and learning at university level, about help facilities that we provide, and various other aspects of your time at university, from programme and module information to assessment and student support services. To navigate through the handbook please use the side-bar to the right of this page.

Important Note: The School endeavours to ensure that the information in this handbook is as accurate and up to date as possible. Any significant changes to the practices and procedures detailed in this handbook will be notified to students by email and the online handbook will be updated accordingly.

Further information on methods of communication can be found below:


It is important that you stay informed. For this you must check your University email account at least once every day. If we send out an announcement via email, we assume that all students concerned have been informed.

Your contact details

You are responsible for ensuring that the University and the department have the correct contact information for you. If there are any changes during the year it is critical that you update your records. You can do this by visiting your My.Bham.

Social Media

The School of Computer Science has a number of Facebook groups which we encourage you to use as we'll post events, news and important updates (such as lecture cancellations due to adverse weather).

Use of social media and email in the University of Birmingham and in the School of Computer Science for means to discriminate, abuse or bully others is in contravention of the Equality and Diversity Policy and the Harrassment and Bullying Policy set by the University and is, therefore, prohibited.


The School of Computer Science uses Canvas VLE to deliver module content, set assignments, return marks and communicate to students about their modules. At the beginning of each term students are automatically enrolled on their canvas courses and students are expected to be accessing their courses on a regular basis.

Programme and module feedback

The School has set up an online survey where you can leave suggestions and feedback on your programme and modules. The feedback is anonymous and you can leave feedback at any time. Leave feedback

Teaching Day and Week

The standard University teaching week is as follows:

  • Monday 9am-7pm
  • Tuesday 9am-7pm
  • Wednesday 9am-1pm
  • Thursday 9am-7pm
  • Friday 9am-6pm

You may have teaching at any time during these periods; teaching events will appear on your Timetable.