School of Computer Science



Your assessment consists of a report and a log-book. No numerical mark is given. The year is assessed on a pass/fail basis.

The Year in Industry involves:

  • Successfully completing at least 30 weeks of the placement. Success is assessed during one or two visits by a member of the School (the Academic Tutor) and submission of acceptable logs and reports.
    • Dates of the visits will be by arrangement between the Academic tutor and the student. The student is responsible for liasing with their manager in order to have them present at the meeting, which will typically take 30 minutes to an hour. Te first visit should be in December or January and the second visit should be in May or June unless otherwise agreed with the Industrial Placements Tutor. If only one visit is undertaken, as may be the case if you are working overseas, it will take place during the Easter vacation. We may need to arrange additional meetings by telephone or Skype, particularly if you are a Tier 4 visa holder.
  • Submitting a log book and a final report, which will be assessed by the School (on a pass/fail basis).
    • The log book can be maintained weekly or monthly, and should be submitted each month to Canvas. You should check with your manager that the content does not cause problems with confidentiality or classification: if there are issues which make submitting your log difficult, please discuss it with your Academic tutor. The entries should identify what the student has been working on, studying or receiving training in for the periods in question.
    • The report should be approximately 4000 words in length and be the student's introspective reflection on his or her experiences during the placement. It should relate these experiences and lessons learned to the modules taken at University and comment on how these experiences have effected the student's understanding of their course and their previous views of work in industry. You may need to get the agreement of your employer to submit this report; you should by the end of your placement understand your employer's policy on such documents.
    • The logbooks should be submitted each month, unless otherwise agreed with the Academic tutor. The report should be submited by August 15th unless otherwise agreed.

If you fail the placement year, you will be permitted to transfer to the degree programme without the Year in Industry component.