School of Computer Science

Acceptable Employment

Acceptable Employment

You are responsible for finding a job for your placement. This may be in a formal graduate placement scheme, or it may be a job you have obtained by other routes.

However, you should note the following conditions:

  • The student must complete a minimum of 30 weeks of paid employment with one or more employers.

  • The majority of the work undertaken should both require and develop the learning they have done while a student at the University of Birmingham. Students are expected to apply knowledge and skills from the academic curriculum in an industrial/professional context. The placement should allow the student to broaden/deepen their knowledge.

  • The student must subject a monthly activity log and an end-of-placement reflective essay. In cases where these tasks are complicated by issues of clearance or IP concerns an agreement should be reached between the student and the YII tutor as to the schedule for submitting these tasks. The schedule should be agreed within the first month of the first, and then any subsequent placement.

  • The student will be deemed to have passed the module subject to each of (a) satisfactory submission of the logs and essay described above (b) at least one satisfactory meeting between the YII tutor and the student's manager at which the student's work is deemed acceptable.

  • If your proposed placement is anything other than salaried employment with an established UK company that has been trading for at least five years and has at least twenty-five employeesy, you should meet with Ian Batten as soon as possible to discuss your proposal: agreement will depend on the plausibility of your scheme. In particular, self-employed or contract work, as is common in the games industry, requires discussion, as does working for a start-up or other small company.