School of Computer Science

Research Groups

General architectures and methods for planning, reasoning and learning in autonomous agents.

Finding solutions to difficult assignment optimisation problems in Self-Organizing Neural Networks.

Theorem proving and uncertain reasoning, mathematical knowledge management and computer algebra.

The Natural Language Processing group performs basic and applied research on every level of language.

The Group works on the recognition, analysis and enhancement of documents.

The study of computational systems that use ideas and get inspiration from natural systems.

The Group is focused on finding novel, non-invasive methods of acquiring image data and extracting information.

The HCI group focuses on a people-centred perspective on interaction and technology.

The group maintains its ethos to produce internationally leading research, for the benefit of society.

Advancing the state-of-the-art and practice of engineering large scale software systems.

Precise mathematical formalisms that can be employed for the verification of computer programs.