School of Computer Science

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Photos of the group
From left to right: Ela Claridge, Iain Styles, Hamid Dehghani, Jon Rowe

Research Fellows

  • Yuan Shen: Development of inversion algorithms for recovering histological parameters from multi-spectral retinal images. My researche interests are machine learning methods for statistical signal processing & modelling, with application to biomedical image analysis.

Current Research Students

  • Hector Basevi, James Brown: Development of a statistical shape model of the murine hind limb for the purpose of analysing bone destruction in models of rheumatoid arthritis. My research interests include statistical shape modelling, novel algorithms for image registration and computer-assisted surgery.

  • James Guggenheim, Andrew Palmer, Xue Wu, Yuxuan Zhan: Development of a model-based approach to better understand and improve the imaging performance of high-density diffuse optical tomography of human brain function, which provides an portable, non-invasive and more cost-efficient mean of imaging event-related hemodynamic change in the cerebral cortex.

Former Group Members