School of Computer Science

Natural Computation (Evolutionary, Neural, etc.)


Natural computation is the study of computational systems that use ideas and get inspiration from natural systems, including biological, ecological and physical systems. It is an emerging interdisciplinary area in which a range of techniques and methods are studied for dealing with large, complex, and dynamic problems.

Research Areas

Natural Computation Research in our School is carried out by a number of individuals and small groups with interests which cover:

  • Neural Computation and Ensemble Learning: EPiCS | NICaiA | iSense
  • Evolutionary Computation Approximation: | ECDONE | Evolutionary Dynamic optimization | DAASE
  • Search-based Software Engineering: DAASE
  • Applications to Real World Problems: DAASE | Engine Control | Repair Scheduling | Shape Optimization | Competitor Intelligence Modelling | Concurrent Engineering | Least Cost Fulfilment
  • Theory of Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Complex Systems: HIERATIC
  • Artificial Immune Systems

The Natural Computation Group is behind Cercia, which specialises in applied research and knowledge transfer in the field of natural computation, and the USTC-Birmingham Joint Research Institute in Intelligent Computation and its Applications UBRI. It runs an MRes in Natural Computation programme with a strong emphasis on high-quality research training for students in collaboration with industry.

People in the Group Include