Here is a list of some useful online tutorials (links will open in new window (or tab)):

  • PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook here. This is a great source for code examples for java, OCAML, perl and others!
  • Java Programming: Rose India, Java2s and Java Swing
  • An excellent java tutorial here.
  • Programming in C here.
  • Introduction to CAML here. And here for some very useful examples.
  • Data Structures and Functional Programming (OCAML) here.
  • An introduction to machine learning (VIDEO) here. This is a basic introduction to Machine Learning covering several classification algorithms.
  • Support Vector Machine Tutorial here and here.
  • A Great Introduction to LaTeX here and here.
  • An Introduction to the Linux Operating System here.
  • An Introduction Algorithms here.
  • Tutorials on statistics, distances, regression, similarity, covariance, nearest neighbor ... etc here.
  • Math for Kids here.
  • Have fun with these illusions :) here.