School of Computer Science

Security and Privacy Group

The Security and Privacy Group, led by Professor Mark Ryan, is a team of eleven academic staff based in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. For over a decade, the group has remained committed to its ethos of tackling cyber security problems that are important to society. Working in collaboration with academia, industry and government, the Group consistently produces internationally leading research on key issues that has led to recognition by GCHQ as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research.

Building on an established strength in the analysis of security systems, the group's research is concerned with all aspects of security and privacy for society. Working flexibly and sustainably with industrial partners, the research at Birmingham is having real-world impact on products and services, safeguarding the security and privacy of businesses, governments and individuals.

Cyber security and privacy are issues that concern everyone living in this technologically dependent world. The work within our Security and Privacy Group is underpinned by considering critical technical and societal issues, ensuring we have the capacity to adapt and address new areas as the field evolves.

For more information - including staff, research and education - see the group's website: