School of Computer Science

Software Engineering for Emerging Paradigms theme: Cloud, Services, Microservices, Blockchain and IoT

Since the early inception of cloud computing, we were among the first to conduct reserach in software engineering in/for the cloud, self-adaptive and managed cloud architectures, software architecture for cloud and Bigdata, cloud elasticity and auto-scaling, microservices and IoT.

Highlight of Current PhD projects:

  • Carlos Joseph Mera Gomez, working on Technical Debt Models for Elastic Cloud
  • Sara Hassan, working on Microservices Architectures
  • Mashael AlBarak, working on Technical Debt in Databases
  • Satish Kumar, working on Multitenant Service Composition and Technical Debt
  • Maria Salama, working on Self-adaptive Architectural Stability
  • Alexandros Evangelidis, working on Verfification in the cloud
  • Dalia Sobhy, working on Architecting for uncertainty with application to IoT
  • Francisco Ramirez, working on Testing Microservices
  • Paola Yanez, working on IoT and Blockchain

Enabling Activities

For publictaion information, visit Dr Rami Bahsoon publication page.