Adaptive Intelligent Model-Building for the Social Sciences
using Symbiotic Simulation

ESRC Project RES-149-25-1053


Project Summary

The increasing complexity of the policy making process calls for new support technologies. A reliable and trustworthy support system is needed to make policy decisions that affect the  lives, health and safety of large communities.  This project will investigate the application of a novel agent-based and Grid-enabled simulation technique to Public Policy decision support.

The novel aspect of the work is the absorption of new data into the states of the simulation, while the simulation is ongoing.  This approach, referred to as Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (DDDAS), has demonstrated its advantages in the simulation of physical systems but has not yet been applied in the Social Sciences. This project will explore the feasibility of this approach in a number of scenarios in Public Policy.  It is anticipated  that DDDAS simulation techniques can enable more accurate understanding of the observed system and more reliable predictions of its future states.  The proposed approach can also lead to the discovery of new relationships in existing data. This can lead to more creative solutions to policy problems, new theories, and new ontologies for describing the underlying system.  In the longer term the project is oriented towards diagnostic interventions and resource management problems in public policy.

The project is funded as an e-Social Science Small Grant by the Economic and Social Research Council, and is coordinated by the National e-Social Science Centre  in Manchester.

NCeSS maintains a page on the AIMSS project here.


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  1. AIMSS prototype simulation (Simply download the setup file and double click on it. Once installed, run the program as follows: Start->Programs->Housing Simulation->SimHouse


AIMSS Workshops

  1. Improving Evidence Based Policy Decisions: Piloting the Application of Advanced Computer Modelling Techniques to Real Life Policy Problems, ESRC/JISC Agenda Setting Workshop, Birmingham, 9 February 2007.

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