Steve Allen: Papers

Allen, S. (2000). A Concern-Centric Society-Of-Mind Approach To Mind Design. In Proceedings of the AISB'00 Symposium on How To Design A Functioning Mind. April 2000, Birmingham, England. Summary PDF (127K), Summary Postscript (34K), Poster StarOffice A0 (400K), Poster PDF A4 (320K), Poster Postscript A4 (230K)

Schillo, M., Allen, S., Fischer, K., Klein, C. (2000). Socially Competent Business Agents With Attitude: Using Habitus-Field Theory to Design Agents with Social Competence. In Proceedings of the AISB'00 Symposium on Starting from Society
- The Application of Social Analogies to Computational Systems. April 2000, Birmingham, England. PDF (157K), Postscript (85K)

Allen, S. (2000). Concern Processing in Autonomous Agents. Submitted PhD Thesis, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

Allen, S. (1999). Control States and Motivated Agency. In E. André (Ed.) Behavior Planning for Life-Like Characters and Avatars: Proceeding of the i3 Spring Days .99 Workshop. pages 43-61. March 1999, Sitges, Spain. PDF (256K), Postscript (109K)

André, E., Klesen M., Gebhard, P., Allen, S., and Rist, T. (1999). Integrating Models of Personality and Emotions into Lifelike Characters. To appear in A. Paiva (Ed.) Affect in Interactions Towards a New Generation of Interfaces. PDF (473K), Postscript (447K)

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