Abstract for AISB 2000: How to Design a Functioning Mind

for the
Symposium on How to Design a Functioning Mind
17-18th April 2000
At the AISB'00 Convention

NOTE: in this file, the names are links to the abstracts, with a short CV in most cases. There are also links to the papers produced for the symposium, which some of the authors may wish to expand or modify later.



David Lodge: Special guest speaker for this symposium.
* Thinks: A novelist's response to the consciousness debate.

Geoffrey Hinton
Plenary talk:
* How to train a community of stochastic generative models

Marvin Minsky
Invited Plenary Speaker
Plenary talk:
* Future Models for Mind-Machines (postscript available)

Aaron Sloman
Symposium Chair and Plenary Speaker
Introduction: Models of Models of Mind (postscript available)


Zippora Arzi-Gonczarowski
* A blueprint for a mind by a categorical commutative diagram

John Barnden
* Simulating simulating minds, metaphorically speaking

Joanna Bryson
* Making Modularity Work: Combining Memory Systems and Intelligent Processes in a Dialog Agent
full paper

William Clocksin
* A Narrative Architecture for Functioning Minds: A Social Constructionist Approach
full paper

Darryl Davis
* Minds have personalities - Emotion is the core
full paper

Bruce Edmonds
* Towards Implementing Free Will
full paper

John Fox
* Making a mind: a cognitive engineering approach
full paper

Carl Frankel and Rebecca Ray
* Emotion, intention and the control architecture of adaptively competent information processing.
full paper

Stan Franklin
* A "Consciousness" Based Architecture for a Functioning Mind
full paper

David Glasspool
* The Integration and control of behaviour: Insights from neuroscience and AI
full paper

Pentti Haikonen
* An Artificial Mind via Cognitive Modular Neural Architecture
full paper(PDF)
full paper(Postscript)
powerpoint presentation

Information provided by Pentti Haikonen 21 Apr 2012
The above paper is now obsolete. Better reading would be my books

Part III of my thesis from 1999 may be of interest. It is available here: http://www.conscious-robots.com/documents/Haikonen_Thesis_part3.pdf

The list of my papers and publications can be found here: http://personal.inet.fi/cool/pentti.haikonen/

Demo videos of my cognitive robot (and other stuff) can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/PenHaiko

Pat Hayes (unable to attend)
* How to make a Self.

Brian Logan
* A design study for an AFP (Attention Filter Penetration) architecture
full paper

Keith Oatley
* Shakespeare's invention of theatre as a simulation that runs on minds
full paper

Doug Riecken
* We Must RE-MEMBER to RE-FORMULATE: The M System
full paper

Matthias Scheutz
* Behavioral States: Linking Functional and Physical Descriptions
full paper


Frederic Alexandre
"Inspiration from Neurosciences to emulate Cognitive Tasks at different Levels of Time"

Steve Allen
"A Concern-centric Society-of-Mind approach to Mind Design"

Christoph Benzmueller, Mateja Jamnik, Manfred Kerber, and Volker Sorge
"Resource Guided Concurrent Deduction"

Stevo Bozinovski and Liljana Bozinovska
"Integrated Biologically Induced Architecture: An Architecture of Mind Considering Integration of Genetic, Neural and Hormonal System"

Marcin Chady
"Can we model the mind with its own products?"

Jim Cunningham
"Towards an Axiomatic Theory of Consciousness"

Kerstin Dautenhahn
"Design issues of Biological and Robotic "Minds"

Ben Goertzel, Ken Silverman, Cate Hartley, Stephan Bugaj, Mike Ross
"The Baby Webmind Project"

Catriona Kennedy
"Reflective Architectures for Survival: Bridging the Gap between Philosophy and Engineering"

Stefan Kuenzell
"Learning the basics"

Marvin Minsky
Poster: "Large-Scale Models of the Mind"

Invited Plenary Talk: Future Models for Mind-Machines paper

Andres Perez-Uribe
"Of implementing neural epigenesis, reinforcement learning, and mental rehearsal in a mobile atuonomous robot"

Takafumi Tsuchiya
"Functions for the management of valuable goals: Goal scheduling and action mode switching done by an autonomous agent on the basis of situational urgency."

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