Abstract for AISB 2000: How to Design a Functioning Mind

Abstract for the
Symposium on How to Design a Functioning Mind
17-18th April 2000
At the AISB'00 Convention

    Ben Goertzel        ben@intelligenesis.net,
    Ken Silverman,      ken@intelligenesis.net,
    Cate Hartley,       cate@intelligenesis.net,
    Stephan Bugaj,      stephan@intelligenesis.net,
    Mike Ross           miro@intelligenesis.net

    Intelligenesis Corp.; 50 Broadway, NY NY 10004

TITLE: The Baby Webmind Project


Webmind is an original AI architecture based largely on the
interdisciplinary model of the mind developed in Goertzel
(1994, 1997). It is based on a vision of the mind as an
evolutionary, self-organizing, self-producing system.  It is
integrative in nature, involving reasoning, perception,
cognition, evolution, long and short term memory and other
modules embedded in a single dynamic data structure which
allows emergent learning amongst the different components.

The Baby Webmind project involves teaching an instance of
the Webmind AI system how to perceive, act and cognize
through interaction in a shared perceptual environment.
This poster describes the goals and methodology of the
project at a high level, and briefly reviews some of the AI
technologies underlying it.

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