Abstract for AISB 2000: How to Design a Functioning Mind

Abstract for the
Symposium on How to Design a Functioning Mind
17-18th April 2000
At the AISB'00 Convention

David Lodge, the well known author, will give an invited presentation on Monday afternoon 17th April.

The title is:

Thinks: a novelist's response to the consciousness debate

David Lodge's latest (unpublished) novel, provisionally entitled "Thinks", involves cognitive scientists, a novelist and a conference on consciousness. The talk will present an account of the genesis of this book, how he got interested in the subject of consciousness, how he tried to find an appropriate fictional form to explore it, and will include a few short extracts.

David Lodge taught in the English Department of Birmingham University from 1960 to 1987, when he retired to work as a full-time writer.

He has published ten novels, including Changing Places, Small World, Nice Work and most recently Therapy. He has also written screenplays, stageplays and numerous works of literary criticism.

He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham and continues to live in the city.