A simple 'chatbot' implemented in the Pop-11 programming langage

Type something into the box to the left of the 'Submit Query' button (below), then press the
RETURN key or click on the button. Eliza will read what you have written, print your comment
and her (its!) answer, above the input panel, and wait for your next input.
[Click on the input box or press the 'TAB' key before typing.]

GOOD DAY -- WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? (Type answer on next line.)
Please enter your sentence, or NEW (in upper case) to start again.
Can you guess the rules Eliza uses to answer your questions?
This is question no: 5764 (since 25 Sep 2014)
You will generally get more interesting comments from Eliza if you make assertions, instead of
asking questions.
This version of Eliza is implemented in the Pop-11 programming language

Video tutorials on Pop11, including implementing simple chatbots, can be found here.
Teachers and others interested in AI in Schools may join the CAS-AI list
Pop11 can be used to teach a variety of programming paradigms and is not restricted to AI programs.
For an introductory tutorial on implementing Eliza in Pop11 see this plain text file.
A more advanced Pop11 tutorial related to this one is here.

For an introduction to the idea of "Thinky Programming" and how that differs from other sorts
of programming, take a look at this web page.

For some previous interactions with Eliza click here.

For more on Pop-11 see The pop-11 primer

The Pop-11 source code for a version of Eliza very similar to the one demonstrated is here.

This is all part of the Open Source Free Poplog web site.

Maintained by Aaron Sloman
Please email problems to A.Sloman @ cs.bham.ac.uk
With thanks for much help to Mark Roberts for tutorials on PHP.
Installed: 25 Sep 2002 -- Last updated: 24 Feb 2012; 29 Mar 2012; 18 Jul 2012; 31 Oct 2013; 27 Nov 2013