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A Thank You Note

Aaron Sloman
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Installed: 25 Aug 2014
Last updated: 25 Aug 2014

In August 2014 Springer published a book with contributions from past and present students and colleagues based on a workshop organised in September 2011, shortly before my 75th birthday.

This is a thank you note to the organisers of the workshop Jeremy Wyatt and David Hogg, to Dean Petters, who participated and also made a major contribution to editing the book, Margaret Boden, my close colleague and friend since she came to Sussex University in 1975 and was unable to attend the workshop but very kindly contributed to the book, and all the other contributors (in order of their chapters in the book): Jackie Chappell, Manfred Kerber, Brian Logan, Matthias Scheutz, Nick Hawes, Michael Zillich, Jeremy L. Wyatt, Jeremy Baxter, Luc Beaudoin, Tom Khabaza, Timothy Read and Elena Barcena, and Ian Wright. And thanks to Claire Lindow for helping with administration.

Original workshop details:
Freely available (draft) papers:

Springer publication details:

Springer Web Page for the book, with 'free preview'

Springer Chapter list.

Full table of contents (PDF)

Free Sample chapter -- by Margaret Boden (PDF)


From Animals to Robots and Back: Reflections on Hard Problems in the Study of Cognition
A Collection in Honour of Aaron Sloman
Editors: Jeremy L. Wyatt, Dean D. Petters, and David C. Hogg
Cognitive Systems Monographs Volume 22 2014
ISBN: 978-3-319-06613-4 (Print) 978-3-319-06614-1 (Online)

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