Call for Posters for the AISB'06 Symposium
on Grand Challenge 5: Architecture of Brain and Mind
Last updated 3 Feb 2006

Instructions for authors submitting poster abstracts

Email address and format for submissions

Each submission should include
A. A plain text email message (i.e. not html, pdf, word, rtf, etc. -- just plain text, not mime encoded) containing:
1. Author's name (as it will appear on the printed paper if accepted)

2. If there is more than one author please identify the author for correspondence.

3. Whether author is a PhD student, and, optionally, the topic of the PhD. Also email address of supervisor or other officer willing to confirm status as student.

4. Postal Address of corresponding author

5. Email address and Phone number (international format) of corresponding author. Add URL if you wish.

6. Title of poster.

7. Short abstract indicating topic (to help selection of reviewers) up to 200 words.

8. Confirmation that at least one author will attend the conference if the submission is accepted (whether as poster or as printed paper only).

9. Whether you would prefer to have the submission accepted only for the booklet, not for presentation as a poster.
Submitted poster abstracts have a page limit of 2 pages. Accepted abstracts will be printed in the symposium booklet with a page limit of 4 pages. So you should think about how you will expand your 2 page summary if it is accepted, as there will not be much time after notification.

B. A 2 page PDF summary of the poster topic in EXACTLY the format specified by the AISB06 Convention organisers here

NOTE: Information about poster sizes and formats will be provided later by the convention organisers.

Address for submission

Submission will be by email only. Please send your submission (Plain text email message plus PDF abstract, as specified above) simultaneously to
Nick Hawes:

Aaron Sloman:

Please send any enquiries about posters to Nick Hawes. Other enquiries about this symposium may be sent to Aaron Sloman. Registration information for the convention is at:
(Early registration deadline is: 6th March. After that, registration fees go up.)

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