Symposium on GC5: Architecture of Brain and Mind.

Two of the convention plenary speakers
also gave their talks on the days of this symposium:
Professor Mark Bedau, Protolife SRL; Reed College; European Centre for Living Technology
Evolutionary Design of Complex Chemical Systems - 3rd April
Professor Margaret Boden, Centre for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Sussex
Life and Mind: A Union without Divorce? - 4th April

Invited GC5 Symposium Speakers:
(Not in order of presentation. See the symposium programme )

The individual submitted papers/presentations are accessible separately via the speaker's entry below, or in a (still incomplete) package containing all of them here (PDF).
(These are not all final papers, and the set is not yet complete.)

Jackie Chappell's section is in two formats, part portrait and part landscape.
A PDF viewer will adjust, and printing works as expected.

Jackie Chappell
Mike Denham
Steve Furber
Jeffrey L. Krichmar
Mark Lee
Peter Redgrave
Murray Shanahan
Aaron Sloman
Mark Steedman
Tom Ziemke

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