Personal notes from the Grand Challenge workshop
5th January 2004
Aladdin Ayesh
De Montfort University

1. Some ideas for starting the grand challenge:

a) Functional Specification of the brain

As a first stage of the grand challenge, we may aim to generate full specifications of brain and mind. This will include requirement and functional specifications. This provides clear challenge to the research community with clear expected output. The specifications then can be used to develop computational architectures, models and algorithms. A question remains on assessment. How can we assess the specifications and prove its correctness or otherwise?

b) Integration mechanisms

AI topics have been researched in separation in the past with varying degrees of success. However, it is becoming clear that integration between these different techniques, methods and topics is required. A possible part of the grand challenge tasks is to provide the mechanisms that enable such integration. These mechanisms need to be developed in such a way that establishes standards for the development of the various AI systems (e.g. vision, AI planners, and learning) which enables these diverse systems to integrate forming a larger and more comprehensive system.

c) Tools and toolkits

As part of the grand challenge, we may aim to provide new tools for researchers. These tools may be:

a. Specialised hardware
b. Specialised software
c. Tests and knowledge collections

2. Some actions for people to take

a) Aaron will write the documentation for the grand challenge. Other people may email him with their input.

b) Sophie will look for funding opportunities for networking

c) Paper submissions by everyone to the grand challenge conference