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Background information regarding UK Grand Challenge 5

The UK Computing Grand Challenges Web site
Grand Challenge 5: Architecture of Brain and Mind
Grand Challenge 5: Email Archives

UK Foresight initiative on Cognitive Systems

European Commission Framework 6 Cognitive Systems Initiative

DARPA Cognitive Systems Initiative

Links provided by Joanna Bryson (Bath University)

DRAFT: Modular Representations of Cognitive Phenomena in AI, Psychology and Neuroscience (in HTML or PDF). Expected to appear in Visions of Mind, Darryl Davis ed. Updated December 2003

Language Isn't Quite That Special (HTML). Commentary on The cognitive functions of language by  Peter Carruthers, both in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS). Updated 10 Dec, 2002.

Embodiment vs. Memetics: Does Language Need a Physical Plant? from the Proceedings of the Workshop on Developmental Embodied Cognition (DECO 01). I describe my model of how language connects to modular embodied intelligence in nature, and what this implies for AI. Just a position/review paper, no novel results, but good fun. Updated October, 2001

Modularity and Design in Reactive Intelligence in pdf (postscript), with Lynn Andrea Stein. From IJCAI 2001. A 6 page summary of my dissertation, including a description of BOD, differences between reactive agent architectures, and an overly brief example of using BOD. (Final from April 10, 2001.)

Links provided by Darryl N. Davis (Hull University)

D.N. Davis, Control States and Complete Agent Architectures, Computational Intelligence, 17(3), 621-650, 2001.
A newer contribution should be in another journal later. The PDF is at:

Additional references sent by DND 12 Jan 2004

John M. Evans 1 , Elena R. Messina, James S. Albus (2002)
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Gaithersburge, MD 20899-8230
Real-time control of unmanned vehicle using multi-modal representations: including planning over iconic maps
Knowledge Engineering for Real Time Intelligent Control.
Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE, International Symposium on Intelligent Control, Vancouver, Canada • October 27-30, 2002

Barsalou, L. W. 1999.
On embodied connectionist perceptual symbol systems:
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22:577–609.
Both are available over the internet (or from Darryl).

Darryl. N. Davis (Editor).
   Visions of Mind,
This text brings together a number of perspectives on issues realted to complete synthetic minds with contributions from leading figures in the area. It follows in the tradition of Computers and Thought (1963), Mind Design (1981), Architectures for Intelligence (1988) and Android Epistemology (1989).

John McCarthy's Web site

McCarthy's Home Page
See especially his papers on The well designed child and on self-consciousness in machines.

Marvin Minsky's Web site

Minsky's Home Page
See especially his draft book, The Emotion Machine, and also 'Steps Towards Artificial Intelligence' (written abou 40 years ago), and 'Matter Mind and Models'

Push Singh's Web site

Singh's Home Page
See especially his PhD Proposal (PDF) This draft paper on Architectures for agents with common sense (PDF)

The Birmingham Cognition and Affect Web Site

The Cognition and Affect project overview
The project paper directory (Postscript and PDF)
Slide presentations (Postscript and PDF)
Tools for exploring complex multi-component agent architectures

European Commission Framework 6 Cognitive Systems Initiative

Presentation by Colette Maloney, June 2003.

ESF-Funded Workshop on 'Models of Consciousness' Birmingham Sept 2003

This workshop was funded by the European Social Fund and organised by Ricardo Sanz, Ron Chrisley and Aaron Sloman.
The web site includes information about attendees and abstracts of presentations. There is the official report on the workshop in PDF format, Duplicated here, and a Summary presentation by Ron Chrisley, duplicated in PDF here.

Following the workshop, Aaron Sloman prepared new versions of these slide presentations on topics discussed at the workshop.

The US DARPA Cognitive Systems project

Overview by Ron Brachman, 2002 (PDF)

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